Josie Dye – Stupidity all around

[[image:josiedye2_small.jpg:Josie Dye:right:0]]I was pondering this today as I listened to the radio coming back from lunch. Is there any one person that just amazes you with the sheer scale of their stupidity? Well, this person to me is Josie Dye. I can say that I used to be an avid listener of 102.1 The Edge, but now I barely listen at all. I used to tune in mornings and mid-days at work, everyday. Josie Dye is the midday person and I have to say, there isn’t really anyone who in 1 or 2 sentences can cause me to want jam something in my ear so I won’t have to listen to her dumb up the world. Being a DJ, you would almost presume you would actually know something about music, but in most cases she hasn’t a clue. She makes all sorts of presumptuous statements on the air and sounds like there is no barrier between what runs through her head and what comes out of her mouth. It just all flows together into a bunch of non-sensical jibberish.

I did a little searching online and found this article about Josie. What a load of horsecrap. At least I can now paint a parallel between the downfall of the Edge as an alternative station, and Josie Dye. This station has taken a terrible nosedive over the last couple of years. It used to be a progressive station, but now essentially plays all corporate top 40 tripe and lots of crap that you can hear anywhere else. They pride themselves on being new rock first, yet a lot of the time I can hear music they claim to be fresh months before on internet radio. True alternative radio in the world seems to have no place these days given what happened a couple weeks ago to Y100 in Philadelphia. If it isn’t being displaced, it’s being homogenized and brought in line to be closer to the other radio formats out there. I honestly don’t expect corporate radio to be the be all, end all when it comes to music, but when something that was once a great resource becomes so useless it really tends to irritate me.

[[image:josie-dye-red.jpg:Josie Dye – Cosmo TV:right:0]]Update 26/08/08 Josie now hosts her own show on Cosmo TV as of earlier this year. It seems like such a match made in heaven, an empty vessel of a host on a channel based on the most superficial magazine on the planet, Cosmopolitan. Too bad she doesn’t take off for TV permanently. That way she would be buried on the cable dial and we could all save a lot of people the torment of having to listen to her.

Update 20/03/12
Just wow. This is the most fantastically bad rendition of O Canada I have ever seen in my life. Not even knowing the first 2 lines of our national anthem is pretty pathetic. Thanks to commenter Blacklabelzombie for bringing this to my attention.

  • Blacklabelzombie

    Hypothesis Proven!

  • Rayray

    Well, at least she didn't try singing it in French.  CHFI, here I come at 10:00.

  • Georgeflipper5

    Any one else want to defend the stupid ass?

  • Anonymous

     She seems like someone who would regularly be tricked into sex.

  • Georgeflipper5

    Does anyone else want to defend the
    stupid ass?

  • Jarrod

    Josie is the defintion of BIMBO, DUMB BLONDE, AIRHEAD. She states all these random facts and surveys all day like we give a sh#t.  We don't.  She takes up all the air time with this incoherent babblings that no one cares about.  How about instead of telling us what percentage of women like taking d#$@ in the @ss how about play some good rock tunes??  Anyone that likes Josie must be have 1. No brains.  2. No life.  3.  Be a complete f#@&#$% idiot.  The world would be a better place if she was shot. 

  • Jarrod

    this seems to be josie commenting here…Hey Josie, since you are reading how bad you suck let me reiterate…YOU ARE THE DUMBEST WHORE I'VE EVER HEARD SPEAK.

  • Jacksquat07

    I find her valley girl voice SO annoying I just can’t listen and have to change the station anytime she speaks.

  • rayray

    I love how she says everything two times!

    Two times!


    I turn the Edge off at 9:59 and back on after 5:00.

  • CaptainAwesomer

    She’s not bad at all, and compared to everyone on the Dean Blundell show Josie is a GENIUS. But I do change the station usually if she talks for more than a minute. Fearless Fred is the only one there who is actually more entertaining to listen to than the music they play.

  • Flipper 55

    Happy days again.The dumb
    bitch is off the air for maternity leave.I hope she
    doesn’t come back.Good riddance stupid bitch.

  • Roy Rogers McFreely

    well that’s funny… Josie is off at 2pm, so why are you avoiding 2-5? You hate the first half of Fearless Fred?

  • Roy Rogers McFreely

    I stumbled across this blog while looking up info on Josie. I thought it might be interesting but its merely just a badly written opinion without a hint of support. I guess I expected too much. Judging by the comments which range from hateful expletives to over confident self promotion, this blog is clearly an invitation to criticism without insight, in which it is an unqualified success.

    For the record, I like Josie. When I was in University I listened to the Dean Blundell show a lot, but outgrew it. More recently I would tune in for Josie and stay tuned in for Fred, and now Greg (although everything has been shuffled since with the much needed cancellation of the Dean Blundell show).

  • modsuperstar

    The Edge is an absolute mess right now. They canned Blundell and have since been scrambling to find something that works for a morning show. Fred and Josie have a little bit of chemistry. Greg and Josie is hilarious mainly because Greg runs mental circles around Josie. I heard a segment in their first week where Greg was just going on a tangent and Josie was left saying she was confused and didn’t understand what he was talking about. Greg’s shows are basically him badgering simpletons who phone into the Edge, so the fact Josie couldn’t keep her head above water with Greg does not shock me in the slightest.

  • Rayray

    You must a Josie fan. That post was written a year ago before the Dean Blundell slaughter and subsequent domino effect on trying to reshuffle deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • rayray

    I admit that I used to listen to the morning show when Josie was co-hosting because I love a good train wreck and then switch over to Indy88. Now I’ve turned it off altogether when Greg, Josie and Sean/Shawn resorted to some kind of bizarre sing along. Looks like they may be resorting to stealing material from old Romper Room and Mr. Dressup shows.

  • Alex

    Your comments mirror mine to the tee. Josie Dye is the epitome of the term “dumb blonde”. She is forever making mistakes or incorrect assumptions on the air, fading songs in or out at the wrong times or pushing the talk-over button (lowering the level of the song playing) right in the middle of a song… and her extremely high opinion of herself is as irritating as F@#$… I can’t take it any longer. I’ve moved on to 88.1.

  • JosieSux

    NARC!!! I know that vapid annoying din anywhere! You’re Josie pretending to be someone who likes her! Everyone in the world knows no one likes Josie, and that she is “poser hottie” (that is someone who tries their hardest to sound like a sexy girl but isnt, like a fat girl on the phone). Josie, you’re as useless as a bikini in the arctic! U Sux0rz!

    I heard that the U.S. discovered time travel and were obsessed with their humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War, and in an effort to reverse their defeat had planned to take some audio recordings back in time. But upon arrival had realized that neither USBs nor mp3s software had been developed in that era. Rendering the attack useless, and proving the Temporal Paradox theory.