Random Hiccups

Does anyone else out there have issue with random hiccups? It happens to me pretty much everyday at work. I’ll be sitting there in my office, then all of the sudden WHAM, a really loud, out of the blue hiccup. It’ll typically last for about 2 or 3 hiccups before subsiding. My office is right beside the communal phone, so every so often people will be hanging around when these hiccups set in, which often will illicit a laugh. I’m rarely eating or drinking at the time, and they usually hit me mid morning. Does this seem odd or does this occur to other people in the world?

  • kelly

    lol, wow– i feel like we live similar lives. I’m going through a lot of those doctors right now myself. I’ve had random hiccups for years though and it wasn’t until this year that they became a problem.

  • kelly

    Well it’s been two months since anyone has posted so i guess it’s time to share my story. I started having random hiccups in my junior year of high school.. needless to say (as most of you already know).. i’m always entertaining in a classroom. anyways, I’m now about to be 26 and i still have them. I have been diagnosed with pharyngeal reflux– which means it upsets my stomach and my throat basically. Though i take meds for it, I still have hiccups but i’m in the process of having a few more tests done because i’ve started having more discomfort near my diaphragm. So hopefully i can fix this, if not– owell. I’ve lived with it this long :) And as another person mentioned in an earlier post. I for one know how embarrassing it is to have these crazy hiccups but remember to embrace them as well. I almost always make a joke before someone else can. but the only problem i have is explaining this condition to so many strangers– since we live in a curious world. blah. anyways thanks for listening :)

  • Candace

    Oh wow. I never knew there were so many like me. I’ve had these same 2-3 at a time hiccups since 2007. They range from loud and painful choking crows to short yips (think small dog got stepped on). Docs say it’s not turrets, but mine seem to get worse if I’m tired or drinking strong coffee. Double down if I drink coffee to cover for low sleep XD. Even worse if people start laughing because it makes me nervous = More hiccups. Best thing that works for me to control the severity (no cure yet) is to just drink water throughout the day because it’s worse when my throat is dry.

  • mac

    i get those hiccups too , one evening i did a big one and was sick ,