3 types of pants women shouldn’t be allowed to wear in public

I’ve long had this issue with what women can get away with wearing in public. Women have all sorts of options when it comes to clothing covering the waist down. There’s pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and I’m sure a couple other valid options I haven’t addressed. Compared to men they have a whole load more options available to them. Most women I know seem to have this obsession with being comfortable and wearing soft fabrics, but these trends I’ve noticed seem to take it to extremes.

[[image:pyjama-pants.jpg:Pyjama Pants:right:0]]Pyjama Pants
I don’t know what makes girls think they can just wear pyjama pants in public. It makes a girl look like she just rolled out of bed and was too lazy to be bothered with getting dressed in the morning. I know girls like to feel comfortable, but really, couldn’t she have taken the 12 seconds it might have required to throw on something else? Was it wash day and all she had was pyjama pants to wear on an emergency trip to the mall? Maybe I could overlook it if she was going to the mall to in fact buy a proper pair of pants because all of hers were burned in a house fire last night, but we all know that’s not the case. It’s alright to bum around all day in your pyjamas at home, just leave your Hello Kitty patterned pants at home when you go out..

[[image:juicy-pants.jpg:Juicy Pants:right:0]]Pants with writing on the ass
These drive me nuts. Why exactly would you want to have something written across your ass? These pants say stuff like Sexy, Juicy, Too Hot or any other number of vapid wording. I’ve seen this appear on track pant style pants as well as jeans, which look extra retarded. I’m sure there are girls that do it just to draw attention to their posterior, but I suspect most girls who do it are simply following what’s fashionable. Probably 9 out of 10 girls wearing these pants cannot properly pull off the look. If you want guys to look at your ass, wear jeans.

[[image:nurses-pants.jpg:Nurses Pants:right:0]]Nurse scrub pants
This one isn’t as prevalent these days compared to a few years ago, but I do still see them around. They seem to be very prevalent in the University and College crowd as it seems these institutions still sell these O.R. scrubs with the school name emblazoned across the ass(see above). While these scrubs may be comfortable, they don’t look good on anyone, even doctors. I don’t know why this trend in particular caught on, since they always come in ugly colours as well. From here on out, lets leave the scrubs to the nurses assistants and surgeons.

  • Mimi Kaydenne

    A woman can wear whatever she wants to. You have no write to speak of females in this way.
    I am a woman!

  • http://www.modsuperstar.ca/ modsuperstar

    Sure she can wear whatever she wants, doesn't mean I have to like it. I can write whatever I want, it's my blog.