Smells Like Team Spirit? What?!?

Smells Like Team Spirit?I know I’m getting old and all, but this to me seems shocking.  Almost without question the definitive song of the 1990’s and the Grunge era as a whole is Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.  The Google bar suggests possible popular searches that might be what you’re looking for, so the fact that out of the 10 results not a single one is the actual name of the song just astounds me.  It’s not the first time I’ve heard this misnomer before, but I am just shocked how prevalent it is given these results.  And given Google’s search algorithm is smart they also just send you to results for Smells Like Teen Spirit, what the person was actually looking for.

I understand there’s now a whole generation of kids who weren’t even alive when that song came out, or even get the reference it was making.  When Kurt Cobain wrote the song he was referencing a brand of deodorant that was being marketed towards teenage girls in the early 1990’s called Teen Spirit.  I believe it was written about an ex-girlfriend who wore the stuff.  I know this because I read the biography Heavier Then Heaven, but I also know this because I totally remember the commercials.  Being 11 years old I did watch my fair share of MuchMusic.  And now that everything old is new again given the advent of YouTube, here is that iconic commercial.

Top 4 reasons why summer sucks

Boo to you Mr Sun

I think I might be the only person quietly reveling the fact this summer has been unseasonably cool. I love this kind of weather. To me, any weather above 25 degrees is too hot. I don’t like sweating my nuts off, it’s just not my idea of summer fun.  Here’s my top 4 reasons why summer sucks.

  1. Clothing with a lack of pockets – During the other 3 seasons of the year you are rarely at a shortage for pockets.  Come summer you’re down to in some cases 2 short pockets and that’s it.  I’m not a fan of using the bum pockets so they’re just ruled out.  I’ll never understand guys who have the rear pocket wallet system.  I can’t stand sitting on my wallet all the time.
  2. Air conditioning – I try and put off using the AC as much as possible.  Sure it does a great job, but it costs on your energy bill, or burns extra gas in your car.  The cooler weather is actually saving people money if you choose to turn off the AC and just let the breeze roll on through.
  3. Sunburns – I’m of Scottish/English ancestry with a particularly fair complexion.  I’m ever vigilant of sunburns.  I’m the type that gets a sunburn on an overcast day.  Less heat = less UV index, which decreases the likelihood of sunburns.  I tend to like to live my life after 4pm so I don’t get sunburnt during the day.  I’m weird like that.
  4. Insects – Nobody likes bugs, but the more humid and muggy it is outside the more bugs there are.  I’ll take the cooler weather tradeoff any day of the week then spitting out gnats.