Why a Mod like Me likes to Gamble

lucky £5 note

Yes, a seamless slip into the conversation of gambling, nothing contrived about this, I do just like to gamble. Away from the stresses of life, because it doesn’t get any easier as you get older, gambling is a release, it’s excitement and it bonds with my passion for sports, so I bet on that, but I also like to hand over my money to casinos in hopes of them giving it back 2-hours later with a smidge of profit so my wife doesn’t kill me.

But before we go into great detail about the joys of betting inside of casinos or online casinos with casino games such as these describe in this site, I first would like to set the story up with some minor facts about me, which may help to explain why I’m even discussing gambling in what is a blog about me and my mod lifestyle. For the purposes of making this blog seem more appealing to the eye, I shall present these facts in bullet point form, as I’m told that’s how it should be done if you want to make a clear point of reference to something or somethings!

  • I’m a gambler

There you have it, no shame and I do it with full gusto because I have had plenty of success partaking in the activity. So, this said, you’re perhaps now thinking, well how successful have I been? Well, gambling allowed be to open up my tailoring shop back in 1996. Having been successful on a range of games like roulette and slot machines. Purely luck, but I base that luck on the fact I keep a folded 5-pound note in my pocket that I found, where someone had drawn a moustache on the queens upper-lip. Coincidence in this and my success, maybe, perhaps, most definitely not!

From gambling in the local casinos to then moving into the online world, I found that I was able to get the same level of entertainment through a number of sites I joined up to. I’m a big sports fan cricket is a passion (read my blog on that) and also football. The scope of sports betting online is not what it was 15-years ago. Now, it literally is a different ball game. Back in 2010, your only options were who would win, if there was going to be a draw and a guess at the scoreline. Now, it is flippin’ insane what you can bet on, especially with football betting.

In the realm of casino gaming, there are now more slots, more tables and more money to be won. My love for roulette can now be played live, slot machines now have progressive jackpots that reach into the millions and I trust these more than the National Lottery. But I have also branched out into other games like blackjack and poker, given these are also available live, whereby players get to play against a live dealer and other members of the casino.

Now, in no shape or form am I saying that gambling is good or bad. If my life had taken different directions, received different fortunes or if I had made better judgments, I might not be in the position I am in now, and possibly not boring you to death with this post. If you can afford to gamble, then you can afford any losses. If you cannot afford to gamble, then perhaps take up hand-gliding or something less dangerous. Gambling gives me the pleasures I seek and it’s just another side to me that I’m sharing with you. If you want any tips, then I suggest drawing a queen’s moustache on a 5-pound note and stuffing it in your pocket.